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Did you find yourself in a complex task of choosing the kind of concrete that will add beauty in your mansion and drive beast look from your floor? It is tough for someone to locate that type of marble the workers will work on it and bring the long dreamt beauty. Modelling your interior part of your mansion requires some research, energy, planning and actual execution to realize the vision. Perhaps, the floor is the significant part of your house, and the market has the pool of decorating surfaces. We as the Atlanta most exceptional and homeowners choice, we know what beauty in floors means. Therefore, the overall process is so natural that no one would expect. Atlanta Flooring has all that you need under one roof and also will guide on the best floor choice.

Firstly, we take it professional to inquire from you whether there are a pet, baby and the nature of your family; extended or nuclear. An extended family depicts a mass of members and hence more traffic and pressure on the floor. For this reason, we discourage any idea of going for polished bricks, raw wood or slip shield for your level. Instead, the storey should have a great layout to withstand the considerable pressure from messy footstep. Besides, we consider the segmentation of your mansion. The kitchen bathroom and bedroom. It is from this point where we advise you chose soft and smart tiles for the bedroom and sitting room, for the shower you need a water resistance and none –slippery feature. And that’s why we have;


 Polished Concrete

To us, this is a rare and versatile material. We can customize its appearance by fusing it with quartz and other colors to give you that beautiful and unique feeling in your home. Polished concrete is gaining popularity globally due to its whole cost in construction. It is an evocative and reflective surface under little light for a full range of programs only available in Atlanta flooring solutions.


Stained concrete

Staining has some sense of luxurious richness which irresistible whatsoever. It has become a perfect substitute for the traditional carpets and hardwood floors. We stock every possible combination for you to choose from; the acid-based stain and water-based stain. We advise homeowners to consider acid-based stain for areas with mass traffic. From personal experience, the water-based stain can assume any look and be consistent with the natural flour color. It is environmentally friendly and safer to work with as opposed to acid-based stain.


Sealed concrete

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No matter how beautiful and decorative a floor may look, if it does not have a coated top, it does not last. Atlanta Decorative Solutions have a variety of sealers such as the Protectorthane, Acrylic Shield, Acrylic Diamond, and Barricade. If you care about your investment, protect your home by using genuine Concrete sellers. Or else you want to cover some wall imperfections? With us, it is possible to give any concrete surface an entirely new face-lift at a reasonable cost rather than replacing it. I can recommend you for polymer modified overlays- they never disappoint.


Stamped concrete

We usually refer to them as imprinted or textured concretes because of the hype and popularity it has gained. Our stock never lasts since we offer the creamy styles for flooring patios and pool decks.


Metallic epoxy

That elegant look you saw in a restaurant or showroom can also be fixed in your home if you consider Atlantic flooring solutions. As our culture, we guide you on the ratio of the glitter-like pigment and the resin epoxy to give you the desired yellow glittering results when illuminated. The pretty thing about us is that we customize your hard epoxy to be durable, anti-microbial, slip resistance among other benefits.


Concrete Countertops and Sinks

We outstand in specific designs and stocks, trust me. The trough sinks designs fused with vintage counterparts are the best around. We manifest industrial awesomeness in concrete sinks. Frankly, our concrete sink drains everything entirely without accumulating. Every real stone from Atlanta Flooring solutions is a stain-free concrete which is sealed every year and years to come. We believe our countertops are the best around not only sustainable but also stronger, hard and more colorful compared to the others around. You’ve made the right chose to settle with Atlanta concrete sinks and countertops because we are renowned experts.


Concrete Kitchen and Conference tables

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We do it with a purpose to present a concrete table to your kitchen. Each particular component from Atlanta Floor’s Solution is exquisitely handmade by our experienced artisan. We are the exact epitome of quality and attention which has been missing in indoors decoration.  To pair beauty with beauty, we fuse the top concrete part with wood or steel which are time-tested materials. Get one from our stores, and we will customize it to fit your specification. 

One-of-its-kind concrete office point furniture is all that employers prefer something stylish and functional. We offer custom-crafted conference tables that brand a long lasting impression to your office look. Many of the property owners whom we have obtained their conference tables from us echo positive feelings to Atlanta Flooring solutions because it has highlighted and branded their restaurants/halls into a new look.


Concrete driveways

Gone are those days when the only option to spruce up your home entrance was asphalt. We have a new and thrilling stock for you; decorated concrete driveways which are spiced up with different colors to replace the dull grey. Don’t mind if you have such entrance, we can resurface and rejuvenate your plain-grey driveway to assume a dazzling look which can last longer than expected. The dry resin, spray deck, and micro topping technology have boosted our patio resurfacing attempts. Don’t rip out your unworthy surface but instead contact us either online to determine whether your patio needs an overlay, stamping, engraving or stencilling.


Pool spill over bowl

Your pool or backyard may be lacking elegance or a magnificent fountain. The spill bowl cannot be me crafted from the synthetic material but instead a well-decorated concrete. The beauty of contracting us for your spill-over-bowl is that we have infinite styles which are customized depending on your pool. We do replace them overtime or overlay them to prevent water absorbency. We always embrace sturdy material for reliability.


Concrete fire pits

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Knowing it marks the centre of entertainment at home, then we offer the best ones. Our concrete fire pits are lined with fire bricks to avoid it exploding when there is a higher intensity of heat. The floor where much harsh retaining a lot of heat is smeared with lava rock or sonotube to avoid direct concrete- fire contact.


Custom Staining

We cannot resist the popularity and the demand from our clients, and therefore we do wooden stain floors. We also stain concrete floors to make sure every grain and this generally gives a perfect background and change the overall theme of your house. We provide full custom staining services with multivariate colors such as medium oak and brown oak.  


Concrete Pool Decks

It is a popular service we are offering to decorate your pool for purposes other than creating an inviting environment for your swimming pool. We establish a deck that compliments your exterior home. Since we know the majority of the time when one is not backstroking is basking or in the pool deck, we have used slip resistant, sun reflectivity and orient material. Depending on the homeowner, we can customize it to be more of a mini resort with lights, spas, and fountain and sound systems to make it more thrilling.

If your pool deck has some crack, slippery, not in level or full of stains, you need not be tired of your old look, don’t even tear it up, we can resurface by adding colors to make it look like a natural stone. Most of our resurfacing products nowadays can be sprayed on or applying a trowel to change the texture and color. We can also arrive at the same results by stamping or stencilling your pool deck, mixing polymer resin with cement, sand and other additives to improve the look and performance.  

Our technicians are fully trained to resurface, repair and restore to a better thrilling look into your pool.

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We stand by our word and always deliver what we promise

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Yes, we can always give you referees who can vouch for our services in case you need any

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In case you are not satisfied, we will repeat the work at no additional cost as long as it was part of our initial agreement.

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We have never had even a single security issue with our payment system. The site is secure and hence you are safe using our site

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Yes, we are licensed by the governing authorities as a construction company

Atlanta Decorative Concrete & Flooring Solutions is the best choice if you are looking for the best brand to work on your concrete surfaces. We have a proven track record of delivering on quality. You can be sure that we will not let you down when you decide to use our services.

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